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A bit about me

Mary Kheriaty Long, Founder & Organizer

Organizing for me was a hobby, turned passion, turned lifestyle. I founded Bins & Boxes because I truly believe that living in a space that is organized helps you live a life with less stress. I love creating efficient systems and designing spaces so that our clients can truly enjoy their home . Organizing has always been an important part of my life because I truly believe that living organized can greatly impact our day to day life. When you stay organized your whole life can run more efficiently, that means more time to do the things you truly love. My goal by the end of each project is to have made a space more functional for my client's lifestyle and beautiful so that they are motivated to keep it that way. I want to help every person I meet live a life with less stress by living organized. 

After graduating from George Fox University, I have spent the beginning of my career in hospitality, fitness coaching and the healthcare industry before starting my own business. I draw on these experiences to help me ensure that every client of Bins & Boxes not only gets a compassionate and helpful organizer in their home but also a luxury and quality experience. These experiences taught me that an organized clutter free zone just makes people happy! Happy people are less stressed and more healthy, all things I care a lot about. 

In my free time you will probably find me at the gym, paddle boarding, or trying to find the next best restaurant with my husband Jerod. As a non-native Portlander, I enjoy exploring new places in the area and I am constantly reminded why I love the Pacific Northwest.

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