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COVID-19 Response

During the COVID-19 pandemic Bins & Boxes is committed to keeping its clients and team members safe and healthy.

All organizers will complete a screening prior to any projects which includes confirming zero of all major symptoms of COVID-19, as well as, doing a temperature check.

Our team also has kept a tight reign on there social interactions by keeping their bubbles very small, and limited to people also committed to staying safe from COVID-19. Our team is also fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

All organizers will be wearing mask throughout the duration of all session, and frequently use proper hand-washing techniques to decrease the risk of spreading bacteria. 

Please be aware that we respect your choices in your own space and fully understand if you do not choose to wear a mask in your home or office. You are welcome to eat or drink as you need while we are in your space, our team however will step outside or leave and return to the project space when consuming any food or beverage. 

We appreciate your patients at this time knowing that this pandemic has been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone. If you have any of question of concern about Bins & Boxes response to COVID-19 please reach out.

Our COVID-19 Response: Text
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