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Bins & Boxes Process

We believe every project should be customized and tailored to each client's style, needs, and budget. Regardless if we are tackling a kitchen pantry or a whole home, these are the steps we will take to transform your space into the organized perfection of your dreams.

Consultation + Plan

This is our chance to reimagine your space and assess the project ahead of us. We will begin with a complementary consultation call to get more information about the project and make sure we are the right fit for you. We will then schedule an in-person planning and design session. We can determine your goals for the space, define the aesthetic you are looking for and talk timeline and budget. By the end of this phase we will have a clear project plan and be ready to begin.

Edit + Categorize

It is time to dive into the clutter and begin to design organized systems. We will pull everything out and yes, I mean everything, to create groupings of items staying and determine what needs to be trashed, recycled, or donated. This will help you discover what you really have and it is crucial in creating a new environment with less clutter and less stress. Getting rid of items is never required but often part of the process. Bins & Boxes organizers can help you work through the decision making process needed to truly determine what items you want, need, and love. We will leave your space staged for the next phase, design & shop.

Design + Shop

This is where we take the photos you see on pinterest and instragram and make them a reality in your home. During our planning and design session we will have developed your customized design goals for your project, and we will work toward bringing in items that match your aesthetic. We want your space to not only look great but provide a system of organization that you can maintain.

Install + Label

The final stage of the process is to combine both function and beauty. This is where your newly organized space truly comes together! We will organize all of your items into their new homes and label those areas so that it is easy to maintain over time. Lastly, we will add the finishing touches to make your space truly special. We will review the project all together and make any adjustment necessary until you have the organized space of your dreams!

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Bins & Boxes Organizing Services

Live life with less stress. Live organized.

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Planning & Design Session

1 hour in person or virtual session

During the consultation we will walk through the space we are organizing to discuss different areas of focus for the project. This will allow us to determine goals for the space in terms of function and design, as well as, discussing the budget and ideal timeline. We love it when our clients have ideas for what you would like your new space to look like (photos are great)! A project plan which outlines the goals for the space, timeline, and budget will be provided within 48 hours of consultation completion.


Organizing Sessions

3 hour or 6 hour sessions

Bins & Boxes can organize any space in your home or office. We can work our way through transforming your whole home into a beautifully organized dream, or focus on one area such as a kitchen or master closet. Our goal is to not only make your space into a place you love to be, but make it something you can maintain. Bins & Boxes wants to help teach our methods so that our clients can continue to live a clutter, stress, and mess free life.


Donation & Item Removal

At the completion of every organizing session

At Bins & Boxes we understand that parting with some of your belongings can be difficult and it can help when you know they are being recycled or donated to a good cause. We partner with several local organizations to donate items you are ready to let go of. We can also help take trash and recyclables away at the completion of each project.

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Pricing & Service Details

With the exception of the planning session, all of Bins & Boxes Services are scheduled in 3 hr or 6 hr blocks.

Our hourly rate for organizing sessions are the following:

$55 hr for one professional organizer

$45 hr for each additional professional organizer

Our hourly prices do not include cost of supplies or design materials. Prices of materials are dependent on size of the project, budget, and style of organizing materials used. An estimated cost will be provided 48hrs after the completion of a planning & design session.

Bins & Boxes is available to travel outside of our service region and fees will apply depending on distance. Find our service region on the FAQ's page.

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